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The minimum pledge/donation per charity is as follows:
-United States  5 USD
-Brazil  6 BRL
-Canada 5 CAD
-China 6 CNY
-India 80 INR -Malaysia 6 MYR
-Mexico 30 MXN
-Philippines  74 PHP  
-Singapore 6 SGD
-United Arab Emirates 15 AED   

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Please enter the amount of your total pledge you wish to allocate to each charity selected below. Your total distribution must equal the total pledge.
The organizations below are ones you gave to in the past or are the selected partners for the Season of Giving Campaign. If you would like to give to your local United Way or United Way affiliate and it does not appear below, please use the blue Add Charity button.
Charities Amount
Remaining Pledge Total Pledge
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(This gift is from the Smith Family, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, etc)